Death of A Legend – Cruel Summer (new song)

Finally, Summer has arrived and with it, the desire to go out, be with friends, go wild in unbridled dances despite the scorching heat and above all sing out loud songs that will be imprinted indelibly in mind as memories. Death Of A Legend come to your aid, dusting off a super hit of the ‘80s like Cruel Summer by Bananarama but with a modern and captivating twist!

Trippy, the band’s frontman, declares: “This song has been a real hymn for those who spend their holidays at home, since its release in 1984. It is a song that perfectly describes the frustration with the heat, the city routine and, above all, wondering what the luckiest friends on vacation are doing in the meantime.” 

Mark, the guitarist, continues: “We thought it would be fun to work on a rock ‘n’ roll version of this great classic, a bit less synth and a bit more distorted guitars, so here we are! Have fun and remember to drink a lot!“.

Death of a Legend, rock’n’roll band formed by members of the hardcore punk scene of Milano, are: 
Trippy (voice), Mark (guitars)Zane (bass) and Don Malastorte (drums).
Their style is a mixture of the iconic rock blues groovy vibes of Danko Jones, the raw facets of groups such as Maylene and the sons of Disaster and The Bronx and the typical groove of early Volbeat.

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