The Phantom Rockets – Monster (new song)

After the first single, CriminalThe Phantom Rockets are ready to present their second single: Monster. Regarding the song, Stefano, singer and guitarist, declares: “This is Monster.

We didn’t write it on a stormy night, parked outside of a gas station on a highway witnessing an abduction, sorry about that.

Our “cool story behind the song” is that we plugged in a guitar to an amp and worked our asses off to get a good tune to put over the lyrics.

Then we spent hours and hours in the studio, we recorded it and then we sweated like crazy while shooting our first official video. So that’s it, this is our new single, our first video and we damn believe in it. For someone, this could be just another rock’n’roll song by another rock’n’roll duo, but for us, we just unleashed the Monster within.